Incubus Has Been Up To Something…



by Paul Meringolo, Jr.

After years of waiting the time has finally come, Incubus has announced they will be releasing two EP’s this year! The band recently made a record label change moving from their original label (Sony) to Island Records.  The first EP will be hitting stores on May 12th and will be titled Trust Fall (Side A) and the second being released sometime this summer will be titled Trust Fall (Side B). The band sets us up with a title that leaves us with the feeling of spreading our arms out, and falling back trusting they will catch us with the sound that everybody knows and loves.  Giving us two singles off the album sets us up for what is expected to be a most epic ride!

The first single titled “Absolution Calling”, which the band has also released 2 videos for, both a lyric video and traditional music video.  “Absolution Calling” takes us back to sound of classic Incubus with a new age twist and a big step away from their previous album, If Not Now… When?  “Absolution Calling” from the start gets your foot tapping; Ben Kenney’s bass line gets you grooving and by the time Brandon starts the first verse, you will find yourself increasing the volume on whatever music medium you are currently using.  The song is upbeat, raw, fun and showcases that the band can still rock.  “Absolution Calling” is the perfect kick off to what feels to be the start of a great year of music for Incubus.

After “Absolution Calling”, Incubus decided to release a second single from the EP, the self-titled track “Trust Fall”.  A rocker from the very beginning “Trust Fall”,  like “Absolution Calling”, will satisfy the needed Incubus fix, until the release of Trust Fall (Side A).  Over the Christmas holiday at the “KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas” Incubus debuted this song to a sold out house and the reaction of which was nothing short of complete excitement from the crowd.   Brandon Boyd’s lyrics will leave you thinking, as always, and Mike’s guitar will take you back to the older days of Incubus.

As the anticipation for the release of the first EP grows, these 2 singles will act as a nice appetizer to hold you over until the main course. If you haven’t done so already check out these two singles, you will not be disappointed. Both tracks can be purchased through iTunes and while you’re there pre-order the album.  Happy listening boys and girls!

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