Signed Incubus Giveaway!!


Brandon Boyd and the boys are back with a newly released 4 track EP titled, Trust Fall (Side A).  Sonic Sound Magazine was lucky enough to secure a signed CD copy. The sleeve is hand signed by all Incubus band members and could be yours!  Check out the band debuting Trust Fall live in California last December and then click below to enter to win.


Click below to enter and stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future.
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3 thoughts on “Signed Incubus Giveaway!!

  1. Been a fan of incubus since i was 10 and saw them in 1998- following them around the world seen them 30+ time live- would loveeeeee thisss please please

  2. I became a fan in 1998. October 4, 1998 to be precise. In Caledonia, Ontario, outside of Hamilton, Ontario. I had just turned 19, the legal drinking age in Canada. Met some really cool people in the first bar of my life, being form America having to be 21 and all….. so then I was introduced and fell in love that night. The people even made me and my friend a mixed tape with 80% Incubus and 20% Tea Party. Which I haven’t heard anything of since….not sure they were so wonderful as Incubus.

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