Movie Review: Soaked in Bleach


by Lisa Schreiner

It’s quite easy to say that Kurt Cobain killed himself.  His troubled childhood, drug-addled adulthood and dark — though often misinterpreted — lyrics made him the poster child for a disillusioned generation.  Soaked in Bleach, a film written by Donnie Eichar and directed by Benjamin Statler, delves into the possibility that Kurt Cobain was murdered.

Former Los Angeles homicide detective and private investigator (ret.) Tom Grant was originally hired by Courtney Love to investigate her husband, as she stated his whereabouts were unknown starting on April 3rd, 1994.  Thus began a relationship between Love and Grant that resulted in his quest to find the truth about what really happened in the days leading up to April 8th, 1994; the day Kurt Cobain’s body was discovered in a room above his garage, and the messy investigation (or lack thereof) in the days after.

Telling the story is only half of the work.  The dramatic reenactments, especially with a story such as this, are an integral part in building the legitimacy of the film.  Sarah Scott was the main focus, portraying the ever elusive Courtney Love.  Her delivery of Courtney’s persona and demeanor was nothing short of superb.

Maybe Soaked in Bleach could be seen as just another conspiracy film for those that cannot/will not accept that Kurt took his own life.  But, where conspiracy theories are biased and usually found to have no evidence to back up the beliefs, Soaked in Bleach provides us with actual proof.  Interviews with forensic specialists, a former Chief of Police for the Seattle PD, people who worked closely with Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, actual audio recordings and incredible evidence obtained by Tom Grant all provide a valid argument to show that Kurt did not kill himself.  The question is, are you willing to look at everything and still say that he did?


Soaked in Bleach is out today and can be viewed on the Official Soaked in Bleach website.




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