Track Review: Def Leppard “Let’s Go”

By contributor Chris Eagle


Mein Blitzkrieg review of the new Def Leppard track, “Let’s Go.”
The self-titled, 11th studio album from the Sheffield, England rockers yields their first single release, “Let’s Go,” which also happens to be its first track. The album was recorded in vocalist Joe Elliot’s Dublin, Ireland studio.
So – to the meat of the subject. The track begins with the flashy special efx that immediately screams, “overproduced Mutt Lange tripe,” much like the Hysteria album (for me anyway.) I am not aware if the producer is Robert John “Mutt” Lange or not – I did some quick press searching and couldn’t find a reference to the producer.
At any rate, my Mutt fears subside as the first guitar riff fires up. I was pleasantly blown back by this. “Aha! This is Def Leppard!” I was hit with the memories of the carefree euphoria of my youth for just a minute there … Until the chorus kicks in.
The devolution came as a spiraling maelstrom which ground time and space and all we know to a screeching halt as the chorus became more One Direction than Def Leppard. Moving forward, the guitar solo did have some happier, Brian May of Queen quality to it for which I can give a redemption point. The bridge area of the song inculdes some backing vocals which does remind me of the Beatles a bit. But ultimately the bubblegum chorus was a real let down. Not unexpected from latter Def Leppard, but disappointing given the initial guitar piece. The lyrics – also somewhat disappointing – but the band was never really praised for lyrical content. Which is a shame because some of their early work was actually quite inventive.
Now this is just one track, I haven’t listened to the full album yet, so maybe redemption lies in a future number. Ultimately, the song has ups and downs – not going to be one I want to play over and over, but certainly not the worst I’ve heard.
On the up side – I have seen the band live twice in the last few years and I will praise them unendingly for their polished, professional live shows. They totally ROCK! If you get a chance, go check them out!  You can also pre-order their new self-titled album scheduled for an October 30th release.

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