Scott Weiland: A Voice That Helped Shape a Generation


by Lisa Schreiner

Like many musicians in rock n’ roll, Scott Weiland battled demons.  While others will focus on his debaucheries and rehab stints, there was much  more to this writer/singer/musician than his faults.  Though many saw Weiland’s untimely passing as inevitable (myself included), it’s still a shock to many who relate his voice to their adolescence and young adulthood (again, myself included).  His voice is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable voices in rock n’ roll; contagious harmony spilling into a microphone with what can only be described as tormented beauty.

Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, solo ventures, it didn’t matter what band Scott Weiland was fronting, he was an enigma that drew you in at a live show, leaving you awestruck.  That’s not to take away anything from his former and current band members who helped contribute to his unforgettable music.

The rock n’ roll world will be a little quieter without Scott Weiland, but thankfully we are left with what he has given us to enjoy for generations to come.  He’s now the newest member of that great, eternal jam session in the sky.

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