Album Review: RNDM – Ghost Riding


by Lisa Schreiner

The music world could surely use a breath of fresh air and RNDM is here to supply the oxygen.  With their sophomore album Ghost Riding, RNDM gives us what we’ve been craving to hear since, well, their debut album Acts in 2012. Comprised of singer Joseph Arthur (Fistful of Mercy), bassist Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) and drummer Richard Stuverud (Three Fish, Tres Mts.), RNDM provides a flow of creativity that expresses what music is supposed to be; daring, unrestricted and original.  Ghost Riding hardly sounds like anything you might find in any Top 40 list, and that’s exactly what makes it a great album.

Joseph Arthur’s beautifully haunting voice eases into your ears effortlessly in the track “Walls”, leaving you lulled into a peaceful trance, while “NYC Freeks” brings a funky vibe that this New Yorker can certainly appreciate.  The rhythm section provided by Ament and Stuverud highlight these musicians’ enviable talents that go beyond plucking a bass string or beating a snare drum.  Not one of the songs on Ghost Riding sound like each other, but they all sound like RNDM.

RNDM will be on tour in March, dates can be found on their official site.

Ghost Riding is out March 4th, 2016!  You can pre-order on iTunes here.

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