The 1975 – Live in St. Augustine, FL


By Alea Chartier and Faith Richardson

The 1975, an alternative British rock band, traveled to the beautiful city of St. Augustine, Florida to impress the crowd with their unique sound and to support their latest album,   I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It.

An hour before the show even started all three gates of the St. Augustine Amphitheatre were packed with fans eager to see their favorite band.  Two enthusiastic girls in front of me had matching 1975 tattoos.  About an hour after the doors opened the first band, The Japanese House, took the stage and started off strong getting the fans riled up for the night to come.  Their “I don’t care” attitude caught the attention of the crowd and they played their set to an engaged audience.  After the first openers short but sweet performance, Wolf Alice, a North London four-piece band  took the stage.  Their music is a mix of dashes of rock, pop, techno and almost metal.

More and more fans poured in as the night continued and after the opening bands left the stage the fans roared with excitement as the main act’s props were being set up on the stage.  Thirty minutes of eager waiting was rewarded when The 1975 took the stage.  The Cheshire natives opened their set with the group’s latest single, “Love Me” off of their new album.  The crowd was wild for front man Matthew Healy’s over the top personality and electric dance moves.  In the pit I saw people anywhere from 12 years old to 50 and everyone person was equally engaged and excited.  Healy quickly reassured the fans they had lots in store tonight even warning “we’ve got a long show for you tonight”.

Throughout the night the band played a balanced mixture of songs from their debut album, such as their hits, “Girls” and “Robbers”, as well as new songs like “The Sound” and “She’s American”.  An  hour and a half of excitement passed too quickly and the show was coming to a close.  During their encore they played what is arguably their biggest hit, “Chocolate” and finished the show with a flashy upbeat performance of “Sex”. Even though every fan was tired, no one wanted it to end.  The 1975 played a spectacular show for their spectacular fans. This was a night that the crowd will never forget, and Florida can’t wait for The 1975 to come back.

Check out some photos below from the May 10th performance at The St. Augustine Amphitheatre.



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