Lacuna Coil Plays New York City’s Gramercy Theatre

Cristina Scabbia2

by Doug Bainton

Bringing songs from their latest album “Delirium”  – which reached the #1 spot for Metal Albums on iTunes and the #33 Hard Rock Album on the Billboard 200 – Italy’s Lacuna Coil came to New York City’s Gramercy Theatre on June 9th 2016. With them on were 3 bands, each one full of incredibly talented musicians.


Opening the night was Painted Wives (formerly Railroad to Alaska), a metal band from the Orange County, California area. These guys are hard-hitting and refined all at once. With songs like “Congratulations” and “Dig”, any fans of Mastodon will surely appreciate the fresh new music Painted Wives is bringing to the masses.



Next up was Los Angeles based 9 Electric. Talk about having a great presence on stage? These guys may as well have energy drinks hooked up via an IV. This band is a pleasant overdose of heavy metal and industrial infused music with bang your head hard rock intensity.

Third to play were Stitched Up Heart. Another California band who knows how to throw down with their heavy melodic style. Lead singer Mixi has a passionate vocal range and expels emotion in a soulful “pissed-off-Carrie Underwood-meets-Maria Brink” kind of way.


Then Lacuna Coil takes the stage and completely owns it. As if their well-known talent wasn’t enough, the showmanship of this band ensures they need never worry about being forgotten. Opening with “Nothing Stands In Our Way” and “Die and Rise” from the Broken Crown Halo album and moving further to hits such as “Spellbound” and “Heavens a Lie”, the crowd started moving at the intro and never stopped.

Ron Underwood6

Toward the end of the night they played “Delirium” from the new album, which was incredibly well received, followed by their amazingly well covered version of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”.


After some recent lineup changes, the band seems more empowered than ever. They are having fun and their fans are too, and it shows every time you see them. Some of the most humble musicians to run the circuit, Lacuna Coil has proven time and again that hard work pays. The sold out crowd at NYC’s Gramercy Theatre only reinforced that.






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