Frank Caliendo Brings The Laughs To Long Island


by Lisa Schreiner

Comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo performed at The Paramount in Hungtington, NY on 9/23 and didn’t disappoint.  His impressions ranging from Donald Trump to Charles Barkley provided a fun, satirical and family friendly show that appealed to every member of the crowd.  Some might know Caliendo from his stand up and others might know him from ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” where his John Madden impersonation is so spot-on, if you close your eyes, you’d think it was the football commentator himself.

A minor bump in the performance came when a seemingly intoxicated member of the audience decided it was an opportune time to voice his opinion on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as the comedian was touching on the subject of her and Donald Trump.  Frank brushed off the heckling and was met with an expletive response by the individual who, of course, was escorted out of the show.  Ever the professional, Caliendo played up to the situation through inner-voice narration, displaying his uncanny impersonation of Morgan Freeman.  It had been the first time the comedian had ever been heckled (to that degree) in his career and handled it flawlessly.

Frank Caliendo is currently touring, dates can be found on his official site.


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