Ratt Brings Glam Rock To Long Island

photo by Diane Woodcheke

by Diane Woodcheke
Spring is a time for new beginnings, birds returning after a winter away, flowers reemerging from the ground and the reunion of one of the most influential bands from the glam rock era, Ratt. Original members Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Warren DiMartini (guitar) and Juan Croucier (bass) have come together again to give fans their fix of Ratt N Roll with Carlos Cavazo (guitar) and Jimmy DeGrasso (drums). Making the first stop on their tour at The Paramount in Huntington, NY on April 26th, fans young and old came out in droves to fill the venue, some wearing their tour t-shirts from the early 1980’s.

photo by Diane Woodcheke

The evening started off with a New York City based band The Cringe as the warm up act. They were full of energy and they really got the crowd revved up and ready to rock. During the intermission the anticipation was building, the floor was packing tight and fans were drawn closer and closer to the stage. With the drop of the house lights and the first notes of “Wanted Man” playing on a dimly lit stage, fans started going wild when the stage lights came up as Pearcy came out, microphone in hand, and joined his band mates in the song.
Ratt continued to blast the crowd with their classic hits and they did it with the same style and finesse as they had back in 1984. Pearcy was very interactive with his band mates and as sexy as ever as he moved about the stage singing his heart out. DiMartini spoke through his guitar hitting all the precise notes his fans wanted to hear and Croucier was jamming away, swinging his bass and bopping about the stage all full of energy and excitement. Cavazo was the perfect compliment to this musical trio and as well as DeGrasso who kept it all in line with his deep and decisive back beat.
 Pearcy was continually interactive with the audience regularly speaking between songs. After they played “Lack Of Communication” and “Lay It Down” he said, “I guess I’m in the right place!” After deafening cheers from the fans he continued, “We’ve been coming though these parts for a long time New York, thanks for coming out tonight. I’m having a great time with you guys!” Then they hit them with more classics such as, “You’re In Love,” “Slip Of The Lip” and “Body Talk.”

photo by Diane Woodcheke

After playing about fourteen hits it was time to give their hard-core fans the last two songs of the night. Just as “Back For More” was beginning, the darkness of the venues floor lit up with cell phones raised high in the air with people catching video clips of this classic hit from 1984. When the song was over Pearcy thanked the audience again and took a few moments to introduce the band, then Croucier introduced him. The final song of the evening had everyone bouncing up and down singing to every word, “Round And Round.” It was a magical night and a perfect way to start off the tour. They will continue the tour with dates posted into August of this year; this is a show no fan should miss.

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