Rammstein Lights Up The Beach

photo by Jennifer Lewis

by Mike Schreiner (with Lisa Schreiner)

All photos by Jennifer Lewis

photo by Jennifer Lewis

They don’t tour the United States as often as they should.  So when Rammstein, the heavy-hitting German industrial rock band, came to the Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater on June 25th, the show was not to be missed; and a show is what awaited the crowd at the outdoor arena on the beach.  Rammstein is notorious for their pyro-infused stage shows that certainly makes the $225.00+ concert ticket worth it.  The band could never be accused of under-delivering at a show.

photo by Jennifer Lewis

photo by Jennifer Lewis

From the beginning of the show, opening with “Ramm 4”, the pyrotechnics never ceased.  The band members of Rammstein are the epitome of true entertainers, acting as their own stuntmen as they handled flamethrowers and other fire-producing appendages affixed to their clothes.  The Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater is an outdoor arena, on the water, which presents one of the biggest dangers with pyrotechnics: wind. While it looked like a couple of close calls with flames blowing into the wind and towards the band members, they kept control like professionals.

Rammstein is somewhat of a rarity in music.  Not just because of their sound or their incomparable stage show, but also because their lineup has remained unchanged since forming in 1994.  Frontman Till Lindemann, bassist Ollie Reidel, keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz, drummer Christoph Schneider and guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe make up this band of brothers who continue to leave concert-goers in awe as the house lights kick on.  Favorites like “Du Hast”, “Engel”, “Amerika” and “Feuer Frei” exploded (literally) from the stage at the famous arena on the water.  Though this show seemed to be a bit more tamed than their previous shows that feature phallic props and simulated sex acts along with the plethora of pyros that could rival Michael Bay’s wildest dreams, it was still a show in all aspects of the word.  This is a band to see, no matter one’s taste in music.  Even the most stubborn and picky of concert enthusiasts would be hard pressed to find another show as impressive and entertaining as Rammstein.

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  1.  Ramm 4
  2.  Reise, Reise
  3.  Hallelujah
  4.  Zerstoren
  5.  Keine Lust
  6. Fuer Frei!
  7.  Seemann
  8.  Ich Tu Dir Weh
  9.  Du Reichst So Gut
  10.  Mein Herz Brennt
  11.  Links 2-3-4
  12.  Ich Will
  13.  Du Hast
  14.  Stripped (Depeche Mode cover)
  15.  Sonne
  16.  Amerika
  17.  Engel

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