Lords of Acid w/Combichrist and Some Other Bands No One Ever Heard Of- at the World Famous Cleveland Agora!

We arrived late – to avoid the early shit-show. Didn’t work. We arrived to hear some musical stylings from the band, Christian Death. We missed the bands En Esch and Night Club. Darn.
Anyway, the crowd … the most eclectic mix of people I’ve ever seen at a concert. Also, clearly the dirtiest and smelliest. It was a people-watchers dream though. The one thing that seemed overwhelmingly odd to me were the tribes of what I can only describe as “giants” in the crowd. I’m not a small person. With shoes on, I stand 6 feet tall and weigh over 200 lbs. so many men there appeared to be 2, 3 times larger than me. It was odd. And obviously, a great deal of evidence of the influence of Taco Bell Dorito Loco Taco Supremes. But – you also had your cosplay groups – a lot of women in skimpy attire, some dudes in airline captain’s hats, the one dude in a kilt and concert tee – older guy, seemed kinda lost – I actually felt bad for him. Cool kilt though. There was a very large and ambiguous person in a red bra who at one point positioned his/her self in front of Erin, at which point we quickly exited as we feared becoming pinned under it if things got out of control.

Anyway – Combichrist – billed as an aggrotech band from Atlanta with a Norwegian vocalist … actually not bad. Have not one idea what the words were until they got to that classic diddy, “Fuck That Shit,” but an interesting band who looked like a cross between LA Guns and House of Pain. The drummer – not really sure whether that was a girl or guy, but very good. Unfortunately it’s floor tom fell off the riser at least a dozen times and still no one backstage thought to duct tape the fucker down.

The main event. Lords of Acid. So disappointed. Sad. Believe me. It was literally like watching a cover band of Lords of Acid. Now, I get that the drummer, guitarist and bassist – you expect they change out a lot. The band is essentially Belgian keyboardist and dj, Praga Khan’s band, but not only did they change out most recent vocalist, Lacey Sculls (of Bret Michaels Rock of Love fame), Praga Khan wasn’t there! Replaced by some chunky old dude in a shitty wig who vaguely reminded me of Patton Oswalt trying to play the joker from Batman! American – certainly not a skinny, older Belgian dj.
To top it all off this tour apparently features them playing mostly their 1994 album, Voodoo-U which doesn’t feature any songs Erin and I knew. So, unfortunately, in a rare huff – we left the shit-show early in utter disappointment. 😞 On a high note I did get to throw the inflatable phallus and scrotum they had bouncing around the hall. It was sticky. Of course. And I did sanitize my hands after.

-Chris Eagle



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