Nelly at Four Winds Field – South Bend, IN

Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, Nelly, stopped by Four Winds Field in South Bend, Indiana Sunday night as part of his Ballpark Tour.  Nelly brought with him fellow hip-hop artists, Fat Joe and Kid Capri, as well as well as local group 574, and Michiana singer, Sensei Jones.

Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, who goes by Nelly professionally, has been a mainstay in hip-hop music since his 2000 solo debut, Country Grammar.   He filled the ball park in South Bend, and even a casual survey of the crowd proved that his music knows no limits.  His fandom spans across all races, ages and genders. The crowd was equally pumped whether he was rapping, singing country inspired music, or sampling a chorus from Michael Jackson.  Nelly treated fans to his greatest hits like “Hot in Herre” and shared some new tunes including “Freaky With You”, featuring his cousin, Jacquees.

The show was over, and we all left with sore legs from dancing and smiles on our faces.  The event was also part of the local Party in the Park series, and indeed a party was had.   If you have a chance to catch Nelly at one of his upcoming shows – DO IT!

Here is a little something for those who have been riding with Nelly from the beginning.

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