Emerging Artist Spotlight – Interview with Dylan Sinclair

By Faith Richardson


Toronto music producer, Dylan Sinclair, is garnering lots of attention on SoundCloud.  His song “Too Fast” has almost 10,000 plays.  Dylan took some time out from his dual life as music producer/high school student and answered some questions about his his music, writing process and more.


What made you start creating music?

I come from a musical family and grew up in the church so I’ve been creating music ever since I was a kid singing in church at something like 5 or 6 years old. Songwriting and sitting at the piano is naturally just my primary resort for emotions. The reason I started writing my own music and sharing my own story through art is because I’m aware of the impact certain music has had on my life when I was at my lowest and I want to have that impact on someone else.

How has music influenced you?

I just find music the most beautiful thing to ever exist. It holds so much power and it has the capability of speaking to whomever it wishes. It’s influenced me personally in many ways. Primarily, it tells me how I’m feeling. I can’t put it into words and truthfully I don’t think anyone will ever truly understand the influence music has had on my life. However, it’s brought me through the worst and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

Who are some of the artists that have shaped your sound?

I listen to a new artist everyday but I have a few favorites. D’Angelo is definitely my number one. Some artists of today are Musiq Soulchild, Daniel Caesar, and Bruno Major. I also love Brandy, Commissioned, and Boys II Men.

Besides music, what are some of your other interests?

I’m an athlete. Even though I’ve been doing a lot more music lately, I play volleyball, basketball, and track & field. Other than that, I’m a low energy person majority of the time so I prefer staying away from big crowds and noise but I love the city.

What has been the most surprising thing about being in the music business? 

I’ve only been surprised by how many people are in this industry and how much musical talent there is in Toronto. Other than that, I’m still new and just having fun with it right now, doing everything for the love of music and art.

What are your current plans with regards to growing your fan base? 

Well first of all, I want anyone who listens to my music to genuinely love it and not feel forced into hearing it. I hate when artists shove their music in other people’s faces for “support”, that’s so annoying. I don’t want people listening to my music for me, I want them to do it for them. In order to do that, I have to give listeners something to connect with. That being said, I plan on showing the more raw version of my music to the world through live performances and things like that. My art collective Prodigal is actually hosting a pop-up exhibit October 20 and my song “Angels” is the headline of the night. We will have visual depictions of the song displayed that night and I will be performing a live set with my talented band. That should be fun because listeners will see me in a different setting and people will have the opportunity to connect with one another that night.

Where do you hope to see your music career in the future? 

I want people to connect with my music. I want it to resonate with them. I want to leave people in tears and dropped jaws. To be that artist that people who are hurt listen to when they need a stepping stool symbolizes success for me. I dream about being on the big stage a lot but honestly I just take it one day at a time and remain patient. Music is so much fun and I’ve learned that in order for it to remain that way, I should never rush any of my work, rather take my time.


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