3 Doors Down – New Buffalo, MI

By Meridith Hart

In a week where Michiganders were told it was too cold to go outside, and we started measuring our snow in feet instead of inches, it was nice to enter the Silver Creek Event Center and find a summer time back porch ready and waiting for us.   The stage was set with railings overlooking a starry sky and forest, outlined with Tiki torches and bug zappers. They even had a bonfire and Adirondack chairs that were filled with lucky fans, surrounding the band. 

I had been to a 3 Doors Down full band show before, and I was excited to see their acoustic set. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I actually enjoyed the acoustic set more than my usual preference of a loud rocking heavy amp show.  They succeeded in re-creating what it’s like to back porch sit and listen to guitars around a summer bonfire. The songs took on a whole new feel and meaning when they were stripped down and you were left with the raw emotion behind the lyrical intent.  If you think you know 3 Doors Down, I think it’s fair to say you don’t until you see their acoustic Back Porch Jam show.

The New Buffalo show wasn’t just a time for acoustic versions of your favorite songs, it was a time for storytelling and an intimate look into the stories behind the iconic songs.  We learned that “It’s Not My Time” was originally written for the motion picture Poseidon and that “Let Me Go” was originally written for Spiderman II. Neither song made it to the big screen, but we were reminded, apologetically, that “Kryptonite” was in Corky Romano. We also discovered that the hit “Loser” was a self-reflective anthem for a childhood friend struggling with drugs. Lead singer, Brad Arnold, also shared his struggle with alcoholism and how he has ultimately been sober for 3 1/2 years.
The band played all of their hits, as well as some new songs, before closing the main set with the rock anthem “Kryptonite.” The encore included two more of their biggest hits, “When I’m Gone” and “Here Without You.” Before exiting the stage, Brad took the time to greet each of the fans that were sitting on the porch for the show.

If you missed 3 Doors Down in New Buffalo, you can still catch the acoustic show on the road. Check here for upcoming dates, and enjoy the video that we learned Geico payed for.

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