Switchfoot Plays The Paramount in New York

by Cindy Goldman

Photo by Cindy Goldman

On February 23rd Switchfoot played at The Paramount in Huntington and rocked the house. The San Diego-based band first gained mainstream recognition with after four of their songs were featured in the 2002 movie, A Walk to Remember (“Dare You To Move”, “Learning To Breathe”, “You” and “Only Hope”). The dynamic live show this band puts on is a must to see.

photo by Cindy Goldman

Opening the show with “Let it happen” from their new album Native Tongue, released in March of 2018, Switchfoot then dove into “Meant to Live”. The crowd was now fully stoked for the rest of the night of enjoying a mixture of new and old, such as “Take My Fire” “Voices” “Native tongue” “Live it well” and “Dare you to move”.

photo by Cindy Goldman

The enthusiasm and high energy soared all night long. At several points during the show, the lead singer Jon Foreman, jumped into the audience, even climbing up the back balcony deliver some “up-close” moments for everyone to enjoy.

photo by Cindy Goldman

It is interesting to note that the band has a very faithful fan base, some of them traveling from as far as Costa Rica to see the show, while others have seen multiple concerts on this tour.

To learn more about Switchfoot and their tour dates, check out their official website.

Set List:

  • Let it Happen
  • Meant to Live
  • Voices
  • Hello Hurricane
  • Live it Well
  • I Won’t Let Go
  • Take my Fire
  • Mess of Me
  • Love Alone is Worth the Fight
  • The Shadow Proves the Sunshine (acoustic)
  • All I Need
  • Float
  • Needle and Haystack Life
  • Prodigal Soul
  • Dare to move
  • Native Tongue
  • Hope Is the Anthem
  • Where I Belong

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