Artist Spotlight: Parallel Colors

by Lisa Schreiner

There is music out there with profound lyrics that can take a person to different frames of mind: excitement, sadness, happiness, euphoria, philosophical. Lyrics can help a person express how they feel when they can’t find the words themselves. So, when a band comes along that can evoke emotions and speak solely by using instruments, it should be noted.

photo by Mat Schladen

Parallel Colors, a trio of musicians hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, has the ability to draw out raw emotion with their innovative musical creations. Guitarist Chase Bensing (The White Lotus, Belushi Speed Ball), bassist Curtis Rankin and drummer Ben Elliot came together in 2016 and began creating this unique and much needed breath of fresh air in the music world.

photo by Mat Schladen

This band doesn’t fit into any specific type of music genre. They’re heavy, but not thrashers or headbangers. They have the structure and particularity of classical music, but they aren’t classical. They’re progressive and inventive, but not a prog-rock band. They are an instrumental ensemble, but not a “jam band”. They are all of these genres that when mixed together, provide a perfect wall of sound. Parallel Colors gives the ears multiple layers of music within each song, leaving the listener discovering new sounds with every song; one has to remind themselves that this is a three-person band, not a cast of musicians.

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