Emerging Artist Spotlight – Breakfast Santana

Breakfast Santana

By Faith Richardson

Breakfast Santana recently blew up when her song “Baggage” became an internet sensation. Apps like TikTok helped skyrocket it to over a million plays on Spotify. We interviewed her to get inside her creative mind and see what’s next for this fire artist.

Your song “Baggage” has over a million plays on Spotify right now. How did you react to the popularity of this song, and did you expect it to blow up in the way that it did?

Honestly I couldn’t really jump for joy how I wanted to, because I was concerned with my past relationship and a new, involuntary living situation. Baggage was the last thing on my mind at the time so I didn’t realize how popular it was becoming. I happened to look at my Soundcloud stats one day in January and it surprised the hell out of me. The way people responded to the song kept me together…like, I had something to look forward to every day. I had to have something to look forward to, because I was struggling with self worth/self value. I was seeking that in relationships, which meant I couldn’t really be myself. Anyway, I cared about how the song made people feel, because I wrote it when I was in a very dark place and it felt good to get some of that out on the mic instead of crying again.

Everyone talks about “the industry,” but what has your personal experience been creating music for a large audience?

Man, I can’t really say. Creating music is a therapeutic experience for me…that industry talk just sounds like a bunch of money and gimmicks sometimes. I make all of my music at home, with my personal equipment. It’s literally just me and a few good people across the globe making stuff in the comfort of our own homes and exchanging ideas. The “large audience” doesn’t come to mind to me, ever really…sounds like a lot of unnecessary pressure just to do what I enjoy.

You have identified in the past as unique. Would you say that this has benefited your creativity, and how have you seen it specifically affect your music creation process?

Yeah, for sure. I don’t like to sound like other people. I don’t wanna blend in because I’m not a follower of trends. I like being a loner when it comes to sound, and I try not to listen to anyone else’s music before I start the creation process. Hell even if I tried to sound like someone, it would still come out sounding like me lol.

Music isn’t easy. What were some challenges that you had to overcome as you pursued a career in music?

Creating a career in the music industry is not easy when you work for yourself and by yourself, and do 99% of the work online. The biggest challenge is me having to get out and physically perform. I know I have good music and it should be heard on a stage. Why I don’t, beats the hell out of me. I don’t know man I guess there’s a mental cap on me that’s been preventing me from getting up there – that’s my 1%…maybe that’s me still processing my self worth.

You are gaining a following quickly. How would you say that having an audience has affected your life?

They’re mostly listeners who have taken a liking to me online! So I don’t really have too many people stop me in public. I’ll tell you this tho, I spend a lot of time interacting with listeners who follow me on a 1 on 1 basis. It gets deep, very personal. Straight out the gate they hit me with their heaviest issues. A lot of them are struggling with relationships and identity, self harm, self love, and just being themselves. Shits hard out there when all you see are picture perfect people and expectations are high in the minds of young homebodies.Its actually an honor to have people come to me for advice. Maybe they really are listening to the words and not just bobbing their heads after all.

Lastly, are there any last words or plugs that you would like to give to the readers?

Don’t kill yourself. Stop hurting yourself. Go live your life how you want, and stop changing yourself to fit societal standards.
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Thank you so much for the interview today.

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