Incubus and Deftones Light Up Jones Beach

Photo courtesy of official Incubus twitter (@IncubusBand)

Photo courtesy of official Incubus twitter (@IncubusBand)

by Paul Meringolo, Jr.

Incubus is at it again taking the US by storm for the release of their new EP Trust Fall Side A.  Along with the Deftones, Death From Above 1979 and The Bots, Incubus is on a tour that will span the entire US, starting in Indianapolis and ending in San Diego.  During this tour, Incubus made a stop at the scenic Nikon at Jones Beach Theater for a special night with fans on the water.  Death From Above 1979 and The Bots opened the show, getting the crowd warmed up for one of the big acts of the night as the sun slowly begun to set on the crowd.  From there the Deftones took over and delivered a set that brought fans back to their teenage youth, playing classic songs such as “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)”, “Change (In the House of Flies)”, and “My Own Summer (Shove It)”;  accompanied by newer tunes such as “Rocket Skates”, “Swerve City”, and “Tempest” the Deftones didn’t skip a beat and brought the energy up to another level in anticipation for the main act to follow.

As the house lights went up and the Deftones exited the stage, the two screens that could be seen on either side of the stage along with the screen that adorned the stage itself appeared with a countdown.  This countdown would mark the amount of time in which it would take before Incubus would take the stage.  As concert goers filtered in and out of their seats and the countdown drew closer to zero, you could feel the excitement and energy at Jones Beach start to rise.  The sun had fully set as the clock struck 10 seconds, the crowd couldn’t help but count it down like it was New Year’s Eve and the ball was about to drop.  As the house lights disappeared the crowd erupted, the band members could be seen taking the stage one by one equipping their instruments.  They would open with a snippet from Hans Zimmers “S.T.A.Y.”, which is the main theme song from the movie Interstellar, but once singer Brandon Boyd took the stage that all changed.  Transitioning from “S.T.A.Y.” to “Nice to Know You”, the crowd knew they had a special night ahead as the surge in energy could be felt through the entire venue and beyond.  The band sported such classics as “Circles”, “Anna Molly”, “I Miss You”, and played songs off the Trust Fall album such as “Absolution Calling” and “Trust Fall”.  The show didn’t stop there as the band whipped out an arsenal of songs that spanned their entire repertoire including”Are You In” and “Drive”, in which Boyd prompted a crowd sing-a-long. The band would debut “Love Hurts” from their Light Grenades album, marking the first time the song was played this tour.  A slow start to “Pardon Me” would throw concert goers for a loop but upon entrance to the first chorus that all changed, as the band shifted gears and rocked it out in classic Incubus fashion.

Deftones - Photo courtesy of the official Deftones Facebook

Deftones – Photo courtesy of the official Deftones Facebook

The set was coming to an end with only a few songs remaining and “Megalomaniac” would kick it off.  The boys included a snippet from Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” which caused an eruption of cheers.  Closing out the show with the title track off their Crow Left of the Murder, the night was something special as the band came out with a new type of energy and smiles could be seen across the stage. You can tell the guys were having just as much fun as the crowd!  As the houselights began to come on people stood refusing to leave at first, wishing the show could go on but as people looked at their time telling devices, they all came to slowly realize that the time has come.  As fans filed out of the stadium you could tell Incubus had left every member of the audience with a special memory from the night.  A memory that would stay prevalent in their minds for years to come; or until the next time the boys come back around to the beach.

You can catch Incubus and Deftones on tour now!  Click here for dates.




  1. Nice to Know You

(Opens with snippet Hans Zimmers “S.T.A.Y.” from Interstellar)

  1. Anna Molly
  2. Circles
  3. Absolution Calling
  4. Are You In?
  5. Sick Sad Little World
  6. Vitamin
  7. Trust Fall
  8. In the Company of Wolves
  9. Pistola

(Snippet of “Bulls on Parade”)

  1. Wish You Were Here
  2. I Miss You
  3. Love Hurts

(First time performed on tour)

  1. Pardon Me
  2. Megalomaniac

(Snippet of “Come As You Are”)

  1. Drive
  2. A Crow Left of the Murder


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