The Ultimate Queen Celebration Starring Marc Martel

Photo Credit: The Ultimate Queen Experience Facebook Page



By Meridith Hart

Had you stood, eyes closed, the moment Marc Martel belted out the first few words of  “Tie Your Mother Down” on stage at the Silver Creek Event Center, you would have assumed some break in the space time continuum had occurred and transported you back to 1976 and you were listening to Freddie Mercury and Queen.   Martel is a vocal doppelganger for Mercury, and his stage presence is spot on.  

Selling out venues across North America, The Ultimate Queen Celebration is more than just a tribute band.  Marc Martel got the go-ahead from original Queen drummer Roger Taylor, and guitarist Brian May, to reincarnate Freddie Mercury after viewing his YouTube “Somebody to Love” audition video.  They called his vocal resemblance “uncanny” and have been some of his biggest fans.  The backing band does well to revive the spirit of Queen with solid, tight rhythms, incredible harmonies and showmanship to boot. Guitarist Tristan Avakian does his own music channeling, but that of David Bowie, during his duet with Martel in “Under Pressure.”  Not only did the Ultimate Queen Celebration treat us to Queen’s greatest hits like, “We Will Rock you,” “Radio GaGa,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” and more, but they also showed us what Freddie may have sounded like had he performed other legendary musical pieces like, “Ave Maria.”  

Marc Martel and The Ultimate Queen Celebration was the show I can’t stop talking about, and I just got to see Garth Brooks’ soundcheck at Notre Dame!   How often do we wish we had just bought the concert ticket, or had even been alive to buy that ticket?  This is your chance to see what it must have been like to see Freddie Mercury and Queen play small, intimate venues.  If you haven’t witnessed this celebration, there is still time.  Head over to Martel’s site to find out where you can catch up with Marc and the boys and find out why they are the champions of bringing the spirit of Freddie and Queen back to life. 




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