Rick Springfield – New Buffalo, MI

By Meridith Hart

Rick Springfield was once thought to be a flavor of the month teen heart-throb musician. He even once had his own Saturday morning cartoon character. Springfield has spent the last four decades proving he has staying-power and a loyal fan base in music, all while adding a solid acting career to his resume’. Friday night at the Silver Creek Event Center in New Buffalo, MI was an added witness to his continued popularity as Rick Springfield played to another sold out crowd.

The packed house was on its feet the moment the lights dimmed. Rick Springfield started the show with a large screen throw back montage of some of his greatest media moments set to a soundtrack of snippets of his greatest hits. He kicked off the set with “Light This Party Up” followed by the Sammy Hagar cover, “I’ve Done Everything 4 You.” The party continued for over 90 minutes with both new and old songs coupled with fun stories from his long career. His latest album, The Snake King, is heavy and edgy with full-bodied blues undertones.  He jokingly spoke of how social media, and critics, claimed that he had started writing “satan songs” after the album release. He gave the crowd a look at the edgier side of him with the song “Little Demon”  I’ve always associated Rick Springfield with the quintessential pop heartthrob; someone whose good looks outweighed the content of his music. He showed us that is just a piece of his musical make-up and that he does harder music and dark lyrics rather well.

The show kept the crowd out of their seats through the final song of the night, “Jessie’s Girl.” I have been to a heck of alot of live shows in my lifetime and I stand by my claim that Rick Springfield has one of the best pre-encore/encore runs in the industry. These fans have been singing these songs for over 30 years, and hearing “Don’t Talk To Strangers,” “Human Touch,” “Love Somebody” culminating in “Jessie’s Girl,” yeah, you’re gonna have a hard time topping that nostalgic rock crescendo.

See where he will be next here.

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